Technical Support

Should your local distributor be unable to solve your problem, XELTEK provides technical assistance.Have your invoice number ready when contacting, as we cannot answer your questions without it. To help us serve you better, please review the check list on the following page prior to placing your call. Software updates are available free from the web site.

We are committed to providing you with the best technical support experience.If you have problem of below,you can contact us via guestbook,email etc.
  • Device support request and status checking;
  • Bug report;
  • Suggestion to products and service;
  • Quotation;
  • Technical support;
  • Etc.

Before Contact:
If you're having difficulty understanding the program, have you studied the User's Guide? The manual explains the program operation in some depth.
If there seems to be a problem with the software, can you reproduce it?
If the program has displayed an error message, please write down the message. When phoning or faxing or e-mailing for technical assistance, have your invoice number ready (or quote it in written correspondence).
Be familiar with the hardware configuration that you are using. We may need to know the brand/model of your computer, the total amount of memory available when starting up the software, your graphics adapter and version of the Disc Operating System .
If possible, call our Customer Support Department while you are at your computer. Be prepared to repeat the sequence of steps leading up to the problem.

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