USB2.0 Interfaced Extreme-high Speed Universal Device gang Programmer
USB2.0 Interfaced Extreme-high Speed Universal Device gang Programmer

Usb Extreme Highspeed 16chips Gangprogrammer Superpro 7504



    Mass production programmer for high production capacity, high versatility and high yield Built in 4 Superpro/7500 programmer modules representing the industry'speak level, up to 16 chips can be programmed at the same time. Supports almost every device you can see with extraordinary programming speed, including eMMC, NAND FLASH, SPI FLASH, NOR FLASH, MCU, CLPD, etc. If you are an industry leader, you need a programmer with high throughput, high programming yield and quality, a wide range of supported devices, and the ability to quickly upgrade to support future new devices.


    • Built-in 4 asynchronous high-speed programmer modules representing the industry's peak level. SuperPro / 7504. Supporting up to 16 chips for simultaneous programming is the best choice for manufacturers with high productivity, high versatility and high quality.
    • Supports almost any device, including EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA, PROM, FLASH (NOR & NAND), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU, etc. Support device voltage as low as 1.2V. Support device packages including but not limited to DIP, SDIP, PLCC, JLCC, PGA, LGA, SOIC, SOJ, SOT, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, VQFP, MQFP, LQFP, TSOP, SOP, TSOPII, PSOP, SSOP, TSSOP, SON , EBGA, FBGA, FTBGA, VFBGA, μBGA, CSP, SCSP, QFN, HVQFN, etc.
    • Programming eMMC, NAND FLASH, SPI FLASH and other devices are faster.
    • Optional adapter pressurization booster, it is more labor-saving to pick and place the chip.
    • Support all kinds of popular NAND FLASH Platforms and can be customized.
    • The tenth generation of pin drive technology ensures a cleaner signal, a wider voltage range and a higher signal bandwidth. With the strict compliance with the chip manufacturer's specifications, the algorithm software that accurately implements the timing specified by the IC manufacturer ensures a very high programming yield.
    • Comprehensive security mechanisms to protect chips and programmers. Features include hardware self-test, voltage auto-calibration, chip mis-insertion detection, overcurrent detection, overvoltage protection, etc.
    • USB2.0 Communication interface.
    • Powerful and rich software features:
      • Project file The operator only needs to load the project file to start programming.
      • Password managementProject files and production control can be password protected.
      • Complete run log files and statistics Production quality tracking.
      • Support Win7/ Win 8/ Win 10
    Standard Packing
    • SuperPro /7504 Host
    • Power adapter
    • USB 2.0 Cable


    • Various package adapters.
    • Adapter pressure booster and various specifications of pressure plate.


  • All orders received before noon Beijing Time will begin processing the same business day.

    Device Updates:

  • XELTEK updates software and device algorithm regularly.
  • View the latestDevice List .
  • Download the current software version free of charge .
  • Updates are available by mail at a nominal charge.
  • XELTEK also adds devices upon customer's request at its option.

    Warranty Support:

  • Programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Online Technical Support is also available 24 hours or you may call us during our business hours through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm (Beijing Time).

  • Hardware & Electrical Specifications:

  • Supported devices: EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration PROM, FLASH memory (NOR & NAND)n, BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, MCU.
  • PC interface: USB2.0
  • Stand-alone Feature: None
  • Electrical spec. of the AC adapter: AC 100-240V , output 12V/7A; power:-W
  • Mechanical parameter: Main unit: Size: 540 x 216 x 75 mm mm Weight: 6.8 KgKg.
  • Packing Box: Size 600 x 250 x 105 mm mm Weight: 9.2 Kg Kg.

  • Accessories:

  • Main unit, AC adaptor, USB2.0 cable, software CD (user manual), register card
  • Optional accessories: ZIF48 Socket, adaptor in varies packages, Sockets assistor

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